Making WoW Gold with Mage Portals

Portals are always in demand! You go to any major city and sit there on the trade channel and you could make a good income just by selling portals. This is especially helpful if you are in your earlier levels. You can learn portals to your major cities on either faction at level 40. This will open doors to those that want mounts or are saving for their epic mounts. Although the level and gold requirements have been reduced for mounts, they can still be daunting tasks for newer players and if you have a mage you can portal people to make a decent amount of cash in your free time!

How much do I charge?
That really depends on you and the market. I have a mage and usually charge anywhere between 2 gold to 10 gold depending on the situation and how desperate the person is to get a portal. Even in your journey across Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend, you will get many people asking you for portals to any of the major cities, these people usually tip at least 5 gold since they really are asking you a favor.

In a major city, you might want to advertise portals to all major cities and be reasonable since there will most likely be a whole lot of other mages that would love to port someone for 10 gold. Start anywhere from 2 gold and try to group people together to port since this will save you a Rune of Portals.

Level 50, 65, and 74.
At level 50 you can learn the portal to Darnassus as Alliance and Thunder Bluff as a Horde. At level 65 you can learn the portal to Shattrath and at 74 you can learn the portal to Dalaran.

Dalaran portals are in good demand right now since people use their hearth and are stuck somewhere. If you can port them back to Dalaran you will save them time. Dalaran portals are probably the best to group players together when you port. Try getting 3 people per port and if you do that 10 times in a day for 3 gold each. That’s an easy 90 gold right there! Not bad.

Every bit does count, if you’re super low in gold or are in search of your base gold nest then porting other players is a good way to start off. Good luck!

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