Making Loads of Gold with Skinning in Northrend!

The World of Warcraft is full of opportunities. That’s what makes the game so much fun and is attractive to such a wide crowd because there is always something to do for everyone. Whether it be fishing in Desolace, leveling from 1 to 80 again and again or simply gathering materials so that you can make a profit on the Auction House and with other players!

Skin without a kill!
Skinning is probably the easiest gathering profession. Everywhere you go you will find dead bodies of beasts because not everyone can skin. This leaves a gold mine of an opportunity for you skinners out there! You can easily level your skinning going to areas that correspond to your level of skinning and just skin everything that other people are killing!

Skinning & Making Gold in Northrend
In the Burning Crusade, Nagrand was the place to be for skinning. Those quests that required you to kill 30 of everything were a skinner’s dream! With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King you can do something very similar by going to places that have tons of beasts and people always grinding to level!

Probably the best place to skin is Nothrend is Scholazar Basin. Here you have a similar quest as you did in Nagrand where players have to go around killing beasts like mad! If you want to just farm other people’s skins then you’re doing everyone else a favor by keeping the streets clean while making some decent gold!

Borean Tundra is also a great place to find skins all over the place since again many people either don’t have high enough of a skinning level or just aren’t plain skinners. Take advantage of that and skin like mad!

Grind (AOE) your way to a Gold Mine!
If you don’t mind grinding then skinning is also great! You will groups of beasts that you can kill or AoE to help you earn gold quicker. If you can find 3-4 groups of mobs that you can kill and do that in a nice rotation you will find a great way to make gold! Not only will you get skins, you will get vendor trash and some greens and blues for your effort!

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