Make Tons of WoW Gold with Titanium Impact Chokers

Titanium Impact Choker

Titanium Impact Choker

The Titanium Impact Choker is one of the best necklaces that can be made by a Jewelcrafter in the new expansion in the World of Warcraft, the Wrath of the Lich King. You learn it from the Jewelcrafting vendor by trading in 6 Jewelcrafting tokens which you can obtain either by doing daily Jewelcrafting quests which give you one token, or by finding a special quest item called “Damaged Necklace” and fixing it and handing it in for another Jewelcrafting token. Damaged Necklace The same vendor has a whole bunch of recipes that you can buy to craft blue gems, purple gems, rings, and necklaces.

Why does it sell? The Titanium Impact Choker is probably the best pre-raid necklace you can get. For those that have money, it’s a wonderful shortcut so that they can sell themselves to join a raid group. Being able to put a gem inside it helps greatly. For example, hunters could put in a Bright Scarlet Ruby for +32 Attack Power. Bright Scarlet Ruby To Farm Materials or Not to Farm Materials This would be entirely up to you. When you’re just starting off your craft you’re probably pretty low in gold. If you don’t have your epic flying mount, you would definitely want to consider farming your materials so that you could save that much gold. However, if you are able to sell a few of these with decent profit margins, you will very close to being able to purchase an epic flyer! I’ve personally made thousands of gold (without exaggeration) just with this necklace alone!

Beating the Competition There are times when you see competition with the same item on the auction house. When this happens you either have to wait it out and challenge them. Unless your competition has ridiculously low prices, you can undercut them. Just be sure you know how much you are making and if that amount is acceptable for you, don’t forget the auction house cut. Another little trick I like to use is think about what classes will be using this necklace and put in a gem for them. It doesn’t have to be a Scarlet Ruby since that’s very expensive; you could just put in a Bloodstone. And try to have a good reputation, I have had repeat buyers just because when they asked me a question, I kindly answered them back. It’s these little things that can help you beat out your competition.

Selling it on the Trade Channel You can either sell the crafted item or offer to craft it on the trade channel. This will expose you to some criticism however if the person you talk to on the trade channel doesn’t like what they hear. Unfortunately there are some that bash others on the trade channel (I’m sure this is the same on every server), and you want to avoid this at all costs. However, for those that are good at using the trade channel, this would be a good way to sell your craft. I used to charge between 50-100 gold to craft a Titanium Impact Choker. Prices depend on the server. Good luck!

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