How to Make WoW Gold Guide – Jewelcrafting Necklace of the Deep

Necklace of the Deep

With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King most of the things that were released in the Burning Crusade have become obsolete. Some things are still great like the Netherdrake mount and some items can be used because of the new hero class, the Death Knight.

The Necklace of the Deep is one of those items that are still in demand. The materials are relatively cheap and yet because the necklace has decent stats and is socketable, it’s a great necklace for the death knight as well as other lower levels

The Materials

3 x   Mote of Water

10 x Jaggal Pearl

1 x    Shadow Pearl

On average you should be able to buy the materials for pretty cheap. Each Mote of Water you should be able to buy at 2 gold each maximum, I’ve bought many for 30 silver for each. Jaggal pearls you should be able to get for around 1 gold and shadow pearls you should be able to get for a maximum of 30 gold.

So do a quick calculation at the maximum prices:

3 motes of water x 2 gold = 6 gold
10 Jaggal pearls x 1 gold = 10 gold
1 Shadow Pearl x 30 gold = 30 gold
That’s a total of 46 gold. You should be able to sell these anywhere from 65 to 90 gold depending on the demand and the competition on your server.

It might not seem like much but considering the amount of work you need to buy and craft these it’s a great way to add to your World of Warcraft income. That’s around 20-45 gold per necklace and if you could sell 4 or 5 a day that adds at least 100-200 gold a day onto your daily World of Warcraft income. Well worth it. Remember to do this with the many other schemes that I have written about on this website and trust me you won’t have to worry about making gold and can enjoy whatever it is you enjoy in the wonderful World of Warcraft. Thanks for reading!

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