How to Make a Lot of Gold in the World of Warcraft: Jewelcrafting Prospecting

I have already introduced a number of ways to make a lot of gold with Jewelcrafting. Prospecting adds to your list of ways to make money with Jewelcrafting. With Prospecting you essentially turn ore into gems. You can either mine the ore yourself or buy the ore off the auction house and either craft or sell the gems that result from Prospecting.

You are guaranteed to get at least one green gem and by luck a blue gem. If you get one blue gem per stack of 20 ore, you are very lucky. Every time you use prospecting it will require 5 ore. Sometimes you will get more than one green gem and I have had a few times where I was lucky enough to get more than one blue gem at once.

Saronite Ore
With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King, Saronite ore is what Adamantite Ore used to be. It is relatively cheap and usually goes for about 1 gold per ore, obviously depending on what server you are on. That mean every stack should cost you about 20 gold and sometimes you will find that it can be cheaper and it could cost more.

Have a Personal Farmer!
If you see someone consistently posting auctions for Saronite, as I’m sure there will be many since there are many miners then I suggest you contact them directly and cut a deal with them to have them COD the ore. You can save them the farmer the auction house fee and you can save a gold or two per stack of ore, and trust me that adds up over time.

Is Prospecting Worth It?
Good question, this is where you have to do a little math. Get out a piece of paper or an excel spreadsheet and write out all of the gems. Then write out the market price for each gem both green and blue. After time you will see how often you get a blue gem and you can use this as a percentage.

I have found in general that prospecting is much cheaper than buying the actual gems on the auction house, but if you’re unlucky you might get a series of cheap blue gems that bring down your profitability. So although it is a bit of a risk, because of the daily Jewelcrafting quests that require at least one or two green gems, green gems will sell relatively well as well.

As always remember to Prospect with many of the other schemes that you see her to make a ton of gold in the World of Warcraft. Thanks for reading, and remember to subscribe to our feed!

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