Make World of Warcraft Gold Without Farming Crystallized fragments and Eternals

World of Warcraft is such a great game, and that’s probably the reason why you’re searching the Internet to find ways of making gold in the game so that you can make your experience even funner! You’ve come to the right place, Insiderwow.com is updated very frequently giving free articles for a huge number of ways to make gold in the World of Warcraft reflecting the latest expansion, the Wrath of the Lich King!

In this article I’ll talk about ways to exploit one of the ways of making gold that not too many players look at. I used to take advantage of this a lot in the Burning Crusade with Motes and Primals, but it’s not too different with the latest expansion.

Crystaillized Fragments and Eternals
There are 6 eternals in the World of Warcraft, excluding Eternal Might, which is created by combining Eternal Air, Eternal Earth, Eternal Water, and Eternal Fire.

The Eternals are as follows:
Eternal Fire
Eternal Shadow
Eternal Earth
Eternal Air
Eternal Water
Eternal Life

The Corresponding Crystallized Fragments are as follows:
Crystallized Fire
Crystallized Shadow
Crystallized Earth
Crystallized Air
Crystallized Water
Crystallized Life

How to Make Gold Without Having to Farm Them
The secret behind making gold without having to actually farm the eternals is to look on the auction house. Look at the price of the Eternals and then look at the price of the Crystallized fragments. Multiply the price of the crystallized fragments by 10 since 10 Crystallized fragments will turn into one Eternal. You will sometimes see that the price of the fragments is more expensive than the eternals or vice versa.

The way you exploit this is by buying the cheaper one, combing the crystallized fragments or breaking the eternal and sell to profit from the difference. Sometimes the fragments are sold at ridiculous prices and I have made hundreds of gold doing this over some time, it’s a really nice income booster if you keep at it and it really doesn’t take much time, just add it to the list of things that you are looking for when you do your search on the auction house.

As I always say, be sure to add this to the list of gold making ideas that I have written about and you will soon be getting close to making a thousand gold a day in the World of Warcraft! Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back everyday for new articles!

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