What’s the best profession to make gold in the World of Warcraft?

You see this question so often that you might think there would be a good answer for it. Unfortunately, there isn’t. Every profession in the game has potential to make you lots and lots of gold, it just really depends on how hard you work and what you do with the profession.

I have written posts about making gold with pretty much every profession. You have to find your own niche and stick to it and have 3 or 4 consistent profit makers and you should be ok. It also comes down to what suits you best.

Do you like gathering? Do you like crafting?
You have to decide if you enjoy sitting around the auction house looking for materials and crafting them, putting those items on the auction house, etc. or if you enjoy flying around gathering herbs and ore. Do what you enjoy most since that’s what you will be doing for a very long time!

Pick What Suits Your Class
Every class can use something from a profession but more some than others. For example, it doesn’t make too much sense for a plate wearer such as a Paladin or Warrior to level Tailoring. Although they can still make bags and other items to profit from the auction house, it would make much more sense to go with Blacksmithing and make weapons and armor for themselves as well as making gold with Blacksmithing on the auction house.

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