Making World of Warcraft Gold with Huge Profit Margins!

I recently made a new character and decided that I need to start earning some more gold. I’ve earned over 3,500 gold over the past week or so do mostly what I’ve talked about on this blog. I’m hardly exaggerating, but I guess with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King, getting more gold has become easier as players are a lot more rich than they were before.

I should also point out that I don’t spend all day playing, at least in terms of my gold earning time, I’m only putting a couple of hours max. That’s because I don’t farm at all, and I’m considering farming like mad when my new character hits 80 since that would most likely come close to doubling my WoW income. So it really is up to you if you want to gather/farm/craft, but if you have all three income streams running then you can definitely make more gold than you will ever need, trust me.

In WoW, I’ve made at least 70,000 gold. Am I bragging? Hardly, because most of that gold went to friends and guild tabs and the like and I do it as a sort of a game since I enjoy trading the auction house and making gold for fun.

Today I’m going to talk about how to make gold with huge profit margins. You can do this just by simply “trading” the auction house but I would rather talk about using a crafting profession. I’ve talked about something similar before on my blog, but I’ve decided to go into further detail and give you a proper example of how I use this on several items over and over and over to make gold, and trust me it adds up over time.

Rule #1: Don’t try to make a killing all the time
You can’t make 4,000 gold everything you sell something. Only a few items in the game allow you to make that kind of gold with one item. Be reasonable and think about selling quantity in the game. Of course, that doesn’t apply to everything in life, but in terms of the World of Warcraft gold making, you have to sell a lot of things if you want to make a lot of gold, especially if you are a crafter.

Rule #2: Don’t think in terms of gold, think in terms of percentage
What I mean by this is don’t think, “I have to make 50 gold on this sale every time, otherwise it’s not worth it!” Think, “I want to make 20% profit on this then it’s worth it.” Does that make sense? Let me give you an example.

One of the items that are often sold on the auction house and I don’t often use because many Tailors make these just to level their tailoring and hence don’t care about profits, are Frostweave Bags. Sometimes you can make gold and sometimes you can, it really depends on the profit, so if you wanted to make even a solid 30 gold everytime, it could be (and probably is) difficult to make 30 gold everytime.

However, if you were to say that you wanted to make 20% everytime you sold Frostweave Bags after the auction house cut (which is around 5%) then you would do your math before buying the materials and crafting it.

Frostweave Bag
Frostweave Bag Materials:
6 x Bolt of Imbued Frostweave Bolt of Imbued Frostweave
2 x Eternium Thread Eternium Thread

That translates to…
60 x Frostweave Cloth Frostweave cloth
12 x Infinite Dust Infinite Dust
2 x Eternium Thread Eternium thread

You then check the AH for cost of materials and make sure you always check the bulk auctions since usually there are players that will sell bulk auctions at a discount.

So say the cost of materials are as follows:
60 x Frostweave cloth (30 silver each): 18 gold
12 x Infinite Dust (3 gold each): 36 gold
2 x Eternium thread (2 gold 40 silver each): 4 gold 80 silver
Total: 58 gold 80 silver

So if you wanted to make a solid 20% of that then you would want a profit of: 11 gold and 76 silver. That means you want 70 gold 56 silver after the auction house cut.

Does that sound like a price you could sell it for? Yes it does, of course you would want to put on an extra for the auction house cut of 5% but even then that’s not very much. If you can sell a few of these bags a day then you’ve found a great source of WoW income!

Every profession can make money, you just have to do some math and really think about what sells and be creative! I always find new ways of making gold because I spend the time to see what sells, experiment!

You can also see that depending on the item that you craft or sell, you can easily make bigger profit margins. Some items I sell have over 100% profit margins, you just have to know what to sell.

I hope this article helps you find new ways to make gold in the World of Warcraft! Thanks for reading!

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