The Midsummer Fire Festival is here! How to make World of Warcraft gold with World Events

I’ve been enjoying the Midsummer Fire Festival in the World of Warcraft because not only is a lot of fun, it provides players with a lot of gold! Every world event is usually a gold mine for gold because many of the quests are so easy that it’s almost ridiculous not to do them!

I spent the better part of yesterday flying around honoring and extinguishing flames. If you want full details visit’s explanation and faq for the Midsummer Fire Festival. I think it’s the most comprehensive guide out there and I’ve used it religiously throughout my quest to get everything done for the festival. I just need to extinguish a few more flames in the Eastern Kingdoms and kill Ahune for the achievement and I’m done! I’m also currently going after the 3000 Quest Achievement for “The Seeker” title for my mage. It helps being able to teleport all over as a mage as it saves a ton of time.

Making the Gold!
So let’s get to the juicy part of this. How on earth can you make a lot of gold from the Midsummer Fire Festival? Easy enough, do the quests. According to Wowhead, there are 78 festival flames located throughout Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, and Northrend. If you’re Alliance you have 40 and 38 as Horde. If you are level 80, you make 6 gold 63 silver for every friendly flame you visit and 13 gold 23 silver for every flame you extinguish. So actually if you’re Horde you have a greater gold making opportunity here. Whichever faction you are on, if you visit all flames and extinguish all the flames you will make well over 750 gold! That’s right 750 gold! So if you’re looking to buy that epic flying mount or need gold to buy that new Ulduar piece on the AH, this is your chance to make some super easy gold!

Your PvP will be enabled when you extinguish a flame so be careful, I have extinguished about 35 of the 38 as Alliance and I have yet to be killed once. The only time I was killed was in Ogrimmar when I went to extinguish their flame. I was lucky enough to survive all three other major capitals although their guards weren’t really happy with me.

You can also complete daily quests at the flame of each capital city. The easiest two being “Torch Tossing” and “Torch Catching”. For Torch Tossing you will have 5 targets and you throw the torch at the one that has a target on it that looks like the Hunter’s Mark. As a rule of thumb, I wait until the target appears and throw it, if you’re late it won’t count so just wait for the next target to show up. For Torch Catching, try going to Exodar or somewhere that’s less populated as you will have to watch the ground. It’s annoying if you have 10 other players running around since you have to watch a tiny little dot on the ground.

Complete the two easy daily quests and if you want the rest of the quests and you will easily make over a 1,000 gold during the course of this festival, not bad is it? Plus if you can get everything done you will get the “Flame Warden” title as an Alliance and “The Flame Keeper” title as a Horde. As always thank you visiting my website. If you like what you read please be sure to subscribe or bookmark. I will be sure to write again soon, have a nice day! To view a list of all the articles written on to maximize your gold earnings go to the Every Single Post List!