Making gold in the World of Warcraft with Jewelcrafting Icy Prisms

Making gold in the World of Warcraft with Jewelcrafting Icy Prisms


Hello, and thank you for visiting Insiderwow for your latest and most efficient ways of making gold in the World of Warcraft. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you could potentially make a nice stream of gold from using your daily cooldown as a Jewelcrafter.  

The materials for Icy Prism are:

1 x Frozen Orb
3 x Chalcedony
3 x Shadow Crystal
3 x Dark Jade  

What you can potential get from one Icy Prism:  

You will always get at least 1 blue gem, but from my experience I have gotten at least 2-3 blue gems. You have anywhere between 0.5 – 2% to get an epic gem or a dragon’s eye. Frozen orbs are very cheap on my server and I’m guessing they are on yours as well considering how many people run heroics nowadays. I see them usually going for around 25-30 gold. When I see them at 25 gold or less, I buy as much as I can so that I don’t have to worry about it later on.   Shadow crystals and Dark Jades usually go for pretty cheap. The one thing you do need to worry about is Chalcedony as you will see them going for 3g a piece or higher.

I suggest that you try to prospect Saronite ore to get your Chalcedony (and incidentally Shadow crystals and dark jades).   If you’re a Jewelcrafter you should be prospecting Saronite ore anyway as it is one of your main sources of income. Even with the release of patch 3.2 crafted blue gems are still selling well, even they are selling at a lower price. I pick up stacks of Saronite ore for 12-13 gold and prospect them and I am still making a pretty penny for doing so.   Considering that you have a chance of getting epic gems and or a dragon’s eye (and yes I have had a time where I got one of each in one Icy Prism!) this is a cool down you should using on a daily basis!  

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back often for always of making gold in the most current content in the World of Warcraft.