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So I’ve been fooling around with the Midsummer Festival and got my Flame Warden title yesterday. My friend and I two manned Ahune, the Ice Lord which by the way is a little annoying with all the adds. Trust me I’m not bragging, two level 80s should be able to take him out, although it helps that my friend is geared with a few heroic Ulduar equipment :)

Here is the one link you’ll need by our good friends at to get the information you need for all daily quests, not only in Northrend.

Do Your Daily Quest Grind
You can do 25 daily quests everyday and while that seems a lot for most, it really isn’t and depending on how efficient you are, you can probably do that many in little over an hour or maybe two hours. With many of these quests with rewards of 10 gold or more (many at 13 gold 23 silver), that’s at least 200 gold + per day just by doing daily quests and getting other goodies like reputation with many different factions.

Some daily quests are an absolute joke like the Kalu’ak’s daily quest in the Borean Tundra “Preparing for the Worst” where you simply have to loot 8 Kaskala Supplies that are lying all over the place in the area. Another super easy one is the Knights of the Ebon Blade “Shoot ‘Em Up” where you simply have to keep pushing the fire button and you’ll probably have your 15 kills in a couple minutes. They made this daily quest a lot easier by the way, it was probably one of the more annoying ones before.

Then there are the quests that could be somewhat tedious. Some of the cooking dailies could be a little annoying, like “Cheese for Glowergold” where you have to loot Aged Dalaran Limburger that you find in the cheese shop in Dalaran and six half full Dalaran wine glasses. Now, unless you’re on when noone else is, the six wine glass part can be very annoying when there are ten other people in the room trying to loot three wine glasses that spawn every minute or so.

I’d type out the best route to make the most gold with the dailies but that really depends on the player’s needs. If you don’t need rep then I suggest doing the most of your dailies in Icecrown, as there are more there and you get more gold. The tournament dailies have added to the appeal of going to Icecrown as many of those dailies are very easy as well and you will find that it will be easy to find groups for a bunch of the quests.

Map It Out to Save Time!
If you are trying to build reputation with one or many of the factions, then write out the ones you need and create a plan as to how you’re going to spend your time doing dailies. It might seem like a waste of time, but in reality you’ll probably waste many more hours flying around mindlessly whereas if you spend the 5 minutes now to map things out (while putting in some juicy gold dailies inbetween) you’ll have a good amount of spare time to do other things like scan the auction house/trade channel or do some heroics, etc.

Troll Patroller
One group of quests I like to do is the Troll Patrol in Zul Drak. This is great if you can make sure you do all of the tasks within 20 minutes because you get an extra 500 reputation and 19 gold plus something special in a package that can sometimes sell for a good amount of gold. You also have a rare chance to get the Deputy Pa’trolla Badge not sure if it’s worth anything though, lol.

Hope this helps, happy gold farming! Be sure to check back soon for more of the latest gold making strategies. To view a list of all the articles written on to maximize your gold earnings go to the Every Single Post List!



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