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I’ve previously written an article about selling old world materials for good gold. Many of the world materials sell well anything from Mithril and Thorium to gems and essences. In this article I’ll talk about how you can Prospect Thorium Ore as a Jewelcrafter to make to add to your arsenal of making tons of gold in the World of Warcraft.

The Gems that Result from Prospecting Thorium
By prospecting Thorium you get one of five gems: Stary Ruby, Large Opal, Blue Sapphire, Huge Emerald, and Azerothian Diamond. Now according the ( you have a 30% chance to get Star Ruby and a 16% for the other four. Now my math isn’t perfect, that doesn’t add up to a 100% so you can add a percentage point here and there, I would assume that Azerothian Diamond would have the lowest chance but I might be wrong.

A Little Calculation
The next step you need to take is find what the market prices are for each gem on your server. So for example, say Star Ruby is 8 gold, Large Opal 10 gold, Blue Sapphire 12 gold, Huge Emerald 12 gold, and Azerothian Diamond 15 gold. If you break this down you get:

=10.92 gold

So what that means is you get roughly 10.92 gold per prospect. Not bad right? Well hold on one sec before you empty the auction house of all Thorium Ore!
The next step is to make sure the Thorium Ore is low enough for you to justify buying it to prospect. You get to prospect a stack of 20 ores four times (5 ore/prospect), so that you means the cost has to be lower than 10.92 gold x 4 = 43 gold 68 silver (roughly). But if you buy the ore at that price it really isn’t worth it. So setup a certain percentage or certain amount of gold that you have to make before this makes sense for you.

You might say 5 gold per stack so that means you have to be able to buy a stack of thorium for roughly 38 gold 68 silver. Other ores such Mithril and lower ores can yield different gems and depending on your server, these gems might go for a pretty penny. I’ve found that Iron Ore can be good too but on my server the Iron Ore themselves sell for a good price so it doesn’t make sense for me to take advantage of it.

Hope this article helped! Be sure to subscribe and take a look a the other articles to help you earn tons of gold in the World of Warcraft. I hope I’m saving you real money by not having to buy gold or to buy gold guides that tell you pretty much what you find here or worse. I hope to eventually post a picture of my gold count, I just spend so much of it that I never have enough to post a picture for (lol). But I’ve bought most things I’ve wanted and now I’m saving to buy Runed Orbs to have items crafted with Ulduar recipes, Item level 226 recipes that beat most drops in heroic Ulduar.

I hope that’s motivation for you to read more. Blizzard has made it so that you can actually buy your way to getting stronger and I’m really happy about that because near the end of BC it was all about PvP and having to run endgame raids to get good gear, now the casual player can also get their hands on awesome gear. Good job Blizzard for this! Take care and thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more :)

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