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So I got a little bored and decided to level my death knight finally. I decided to level her to level 77 so that I could get my epic flyer so that and make her learn both Herbalism and Mining. I’ve been a big preacher of dropping all gathering professions to concentrate on crafting professions. But I’ve decided to go against that and try going back to gathering professions while keeping my crafting professions.

There’s a couple reasons for this. First off, everyone in the World of Warcraft has their own reason to play. Some enjoy PvP and others enjoy running instances and raids. I really enjoy the economy and making gold in the World of Warcraft and that is what inspired me to write everything on the website about making gold for free.

I still think as a player matures the core of the World of Warcraft gold income should be coming from crafting professions. I make more than enough gold on a daily basis to get by on and buy expensive items. I just bought my fourth epic flyer for my death knight and recently bought two Nobles Card Decks for my mage and shammy.

Am I bragging? Maybe, I’m sure there are many that can do the same in the World of Warcraft because they have found consistent ways to make gold in the game. Today’s article deals with my newly leveled Herbalism and Mining professions.

So I powerleveled my death knight to level 77 in about 2 weeks and then went from level 1 in Mining and Herbalism in 2 days. In my first day as a Northrend gatherer I was able to get 10 Frost Lotuses and about 20 stacks of herbs and 20 stacks of ore. I probably spent 2-3 hours as I worked on establishing my Gatherer Addon and getting a feel for where are the mining ores and herbs were.

I spent the core of my time in Scholozar Basin for Saronite and Adder’s Tongue and Storm Peaks for Lichbloom, Icethorn and some Saronite ore. On average stacks of herbs go for about 13-15 gold and frost lotuses on my server go for around 30 gold each. So that’s about 820 gold for about 3 hours work. Not too bad right? You just have to be efficient with what you do.

The juicy part is if you have crafting professions that you could use your gathering professions to compliment. Herbalism can help you greatly if you are Alchemist or Inscriptor. Mining can help you if you are a Blacksmith or Jewelcrafter. I’ve talked about ways to make gold in each profession so be sure to look at my list of articles to read more for each specific profession. You could sell excess herbs or ore, but I would recommend utilizing everything with you crafting profession to make even more gold. If you’ve done your homework right you can easily get 50% more or double the 820 gold with your crafting profession.

In addition to the herbs and ore, sometimes you get crystallized earth and shadow with mining and crystallized life with herbalism. You can also get some gems with mining, and I actually got 3 Scarlet Rubies today. Just goes to show how much gold potential there is here. I hope this article helped you and gave you some motivation to become a gatherer as a side job! If you spend a few hours a day this could be a huge gold maker!

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