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Many people say that Engineering doesn’t make a lot of gold, and that’s probably a good rumor to have going around if you are an Engineer! Because of that it will keep people away from becoming an Engineer and that means you have less competition! As I always say, you can always make plenty of gold in any profession if you are smart about it and know what to make and how much the market prices are for everything you buy and sell.

In this article I’ll talk about the scopes that Engineers can make in the new expansion, the Wrath of the Lich King. Always look at the auction house to know what the market prices are for every item and you should be able to make consistent profits. Drainged-cut Refractor Scope Attaches a permanent scope to a bow or gun that increases its damage by 15.
Diamond-cut Refractor Scope
1 x  Froststeel Tube
2 x Handful of Cobalt Bolts

Sun Scope
Attaches a permanent micro stabilizer to a bow or gun that increases your ranged haste rating by 40.

1 x Froststeel Tube
1 x Sun Crystal
1 x Autumn”s Glow

Heartseeker Scope
Attaches a permanent scope to a bow or gun that increases its ranged critical strike rating by 40.

10 x Saronite Bar
2 x   Twilight Opal

Scopes are always in demand because players will often upgrade their gear and will want the added bonus. You can always offer to make the scopes over the trade channel for a fee since many players might not know that there is such a thing as a scope to increase their attack power or haste rating. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!

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