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Blizzard has released some of the things that will be changed and added in Patch 3.2. A new patch is always exciting since there will be many new things that add that extra something to the game. Although Yogg-Saron might interest many, if you’re here reading this, you’re probably wondering how you can make an extra gold or two (well probably a little more…)

The greatest change that has caught my eye is how every profession is getting a boost, at least in how each profession’s special buff is getting a boost. Although Blizzard is trying to be fair, and I do think they do a great job of it, I still think that Jewelcrafting is a great gold maker. Competition has been tough as of late but even then I’m still easily pulling off hundreds of gold per day with very little effort.

Stack up on Titanium Ore
This is something that everyone can profit from but it will take some investment and time. Investment in that you will either spend time mining (if you’re a miner of course) gathering Titanium when you see it or investing gold by buying cheap Titanium Ore off of the auction house.

With Patch 3.2 Jewelcrafters will be able to prospect Titanium Ore to get raw Epic gems. Yes, you know the gems that are going for like 600 gold each, only those are the crafted versions that you get from Daily fishing quests and are super rare.

Save Your Jewelcrafting Tokens!
Being able to prospect Titanium Ore and being able to get raw Epic Gems means that Jewelcrafters will be able to craft epic gems of all sorts. This means that you will need Jewelcrafting tokens as a Jewelcrafter to buy these recipes. So save now and buy the recipes when they first come out to get ahead of the market! If you have all of the recipes when the patch is released, you will be far ahead of the game and will be able to make tons of gold by either selling crafted gems or selling your service on the trade channel for a nice tip (25g+ or more per gem). Of course the amount of the tip will depend on the server’s economy and how much you want to charge.

There are many other changes in patch 3.2 and most players (especially the ignorant ones) won’t have a clue what hit then until the patch is out (or even later). You have take advantage of this so that you can make the most of your time in Azeroth!

Take a look at’s Guide to Patch 3.2 for more information.

The other notable change (among many) is that you won’t be able to get Emblems of Heroism and Emblems of Valor anymore after the patch is released. You will only get Emblems of Conquest from current Heroics as well as Naxxramas. So if you want to rack up on the emblems now (especially for achievements which will turn to Feats of Strength achievements) then now is the time.

And when the patch does come out, we get Tier 9 equipment! Wow, things are progressing fast eh. But the one thing we’re not too sure about is when the patch will exactly be coming out. You might see Titanium Ore a little high now but as people realize that the patch isn’t coming out anytime soon, they might drop their prices and that’s when you should start stocking even if it’s only little bits at a time.

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