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How to Study and Make Gold in the World of Warcraft

Posted on March 31st, 2009 by admin

World of Warcraft is a very time consuming game, it’s fun but it wastes a lot of time if you aren’t careful. A lot of us that play the game have other things we have to do in life and some of us don’t. Whichever way it is for you, it’s ok since it’s your life and you do what you want with it.

I try to study while I play sometimes and I’ll reveal how you can do this as well. It can seem a little far-fetched at first but if you really need to play since you don’t want to fall behind at least in terms of your gold making, then this guide might be for you.

There are two important factors when deciding what to do while you play and study at the same time. One, you can’t be moving around since you want to spend the core of your time on your books or whatever study method that you are using. Second, you want it to take as little concentration from you as possible.

Fishing is probably the ideal way to study since all you need to do is 2 things, cast and reel in. Both take one click of a button and upon casting you simply have to keep your cursor on the lure to pick up the fish. Casting time can be anywhere from. 5-20 seconds and you just have to click a couple times again. This can be distracting but over time you will get used to it without having it bother your studying too much.

Be sure to have auto-loot on to limit the number of times that you have to click. This can be a very good moneymaker if you are trying to find something very rare or are in Northrend fishing fish that sell very well for food buffs.

I’ve talked about auctioning several times in this website and I won’t bore you to death about my various strategies to make tons of gold. Be sure to browse through my archives if you haven’t read some of them. What I suggest you do here to maximize your study time is to set time limits on the time you spend at the auction house.

So if you study in 30-minute intervals, spend 10 minutes on the auction house as a breather and do everything you can in those 10 minutes. Then go back to your 30-minute interval, rinse and repeat as necessary.

This guide is obviously for you hardcore gamers that know that you need to study at least a little bit since you have something you’re striving to achieve. Try these two methods out and see if they work for you. Thanks for reading!

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