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Making Gold with Blacksmithing: Titanium Weapon Chain

Posted on March 10th, 2009 by admin

Continuing on from yesterday, here is another way to make gold with Blacksmithing, crafting Titanium Weapon Chains. As with everything else we post on, you have to make sure you have a decent profit margin when crafting Titanium Weapon Chains. First off here are the details.

Titanium Weapon Chain
2 x Saronite Bar
1 x Titanium Bar

So as you can see, the materials aren’t crazy. If you are a miner if you can find a titanium node, you’re pretty much set. Just check the auction house to see how much the market price is for Titanium Weapon Chains. Make sure you are making enough to make your efforts worthwhile.

Like many other items in the game, this is an extremely sought after item because of it’s hit rating increase. In addition, if you have dual wield and have two one hand swords, I believe you can put one on each weapon to give you a total of around +56 hit rating. That’s not too bad, especially since you can probably concentrate on using your gem sockets for other stats.

As I always say, don’t just depend on one crafted item to make money! Make sure you have several auctions and gold making schemes running at the same time so that you can maximize your profits and your time in the World of Warcraft. Look at my yesterday’s post about Blacksmithing: Eternal Belt Buckle for another way to make money if you are a Blacksmith.

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