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In the number of ways that you can make gold, you don’t always have to rely on your professions or quests to make gold. You just stay put in one place and make tons of gold! That one place is the auction house, read on to learn how!

Search For Nothing!
First off you have to know what sell and for what price! Do a blank search and see what is selling on the auction. You can sort by rarity or price and go from there. Try and find as many items as you can that you see on a regular basis and write the prices that you see or create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the prices that you see.

Keep Searching!
After a few days (the longer the better) you will start to see the average price for certain items that you have been following on the auction house. If you keep track and you should continue to as market prices always change for items, then you will be able to know when items are selling for below market prices and when items are selling well above their averages.

Know When People are On and When People are Off
When a lot of people are on usually you will see bargain prices because everyone will be undercutting each other. This is when you want to stock up on items and wait for times when there are less people are on or when items are scarce on the auction house.

From my experience weekends have and weekday nights have a lot of people on. This is when you want to take advantage of buying. At the same time, a lot of people means that there will be that many buyers, so if you see people buying like crazy of a certain item meaning the prices will be higher on the Auction House, this is when you should be selling the items that you are keeping stock of.

Don’t Buy Too Much, Don’t Buy Too Little
When you have a very good feel for the prices of items, you should start stocking up when you find really cheap items. I usually buy 10 of something unless it’s really cheap, then I’ll buy a lot more. Once you become comfortable you can buy more, but it really depends on how much time you spend playing.

If you only can play certain times of the day and can’t watch the auction house then you are taking a bigger risk since item prices can fluctuate while you aren’t playing and people might start undercutting you.

Let’s Use An Example!
It’s always good to illustrate things with examples so I’ll Frozen Orbs as an example. Say after monitoring the auction house for 10 days you see that Frozen Orbs average for about 120 gold. Come Saturday you see a ton of Frozen Orbs on the auction house and some selling for as cheap as 80 gold and you wonder if the market has fallen, but in reality often times this is people undercutting each other over and over, and once the dust settles the market will correct itself and someone (if you don’t) will begin buying the extremely cheap Frozen Orbs and make a profit off of them.

So if you can stock up 10 Frozen Orbs for an average price 85 gold and wait a little while, it could be later in the day or maybe a day or two later. When the market is back to normal you can put up your frozen orbs up on the auction house for 115-120 gold each. Don’t put all of them on the auction house, maybe 2 or 3 at a time. If you manage to sell all of you frozen orbs for 115 gold that’s 30 gold x 10 = 300 gold profit before the auction house.

Not bad at all, and if you have several of these going at the same time you can make tons of gold. As I always say run several of these and you can literally make hundreds of gold if not thousands a day. Don’t forget to look at my other articles to find out other great ways to make gold.

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