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Making 500 gold per hour off the Auction House!

Posted on February 26th, 2009 by admin

I hate to sound like one of those ads, but to be honest it’s possible. All it takes is dedication, patience, and some luck. Here’s how.

Market Price

I say a lot about market price in my articles and there’s a reason for this. If you know what the market price is for something then you can buy and sell things at their right price and often lower for what they’re actually worth.

Check the Auction House every time you are on and have a list of things that you will look over. Make note of how much the price is and over time, say a week for example, you will get a good feel for what the market price of an item is. Once you do this for several items you will see that sometimes players will underprice their item just so that they can undercut the price so that they can sell their item quicker. A lot of people don’t really care about profits, people just want some extra gold without maximizing their opportunities.

Players like yourself should help them and take advantage of their ignorance. If you can find enough of these auctions you can add it up to hit 500 gold per hour. You will need some luck to make this happen. Have I made 500 gold per hour just from auctions? Sure I have! But if you ask me if I made an average of 500 gold per hour over 24 hours, probably not. It might be possible that I come close sometimes when you consider “just” my playtime.

Here’s an example. Avool’s Sword of Jin at the time of this writing is 2569 gold on Thottbot. That’s decently accurate but every server is different and it depends on what time of day, what day of the week, and just how many people are on, that want the sword. As you can see, a lot of factors come into play.

On more than 3 occasions have I found Avool’s Sword of Jin being sold for less than 1,500 gold. What did I do? I bought it immediately and put it back on the Auction House for a “reasonable” price of about 2,200 to 2,300 gold. A couple times the sword sold within an hour. Ignoring all of my other buying and selling of auctions, and even after taking into consideration the auction house cut. That’s well over 500 gold per hour!

It’s good to know something about the items you’re buying and selling but you don’t always have to. You can just watch the trade channels for items that are being sold and are popular. That way you know there will be a market for them. Some great examples of this are “Frozen Orb”, “Dragon’s Eye”, and “Titansteel bar.”

When you’re looking on the auction house, always look for auctions of stacks of items. Usually they will be cheaper and bring out your calculator and see how much each item will cost individually. This way you can tell how much of a potential profit you will have.

For example, let’s look at Frozen Orbs. Let’s say that the market price that you have determined is roughly 150-155 gold for the past week. You might see the price being higher like 180 or even 200 gold. And you might be lucky and see it on the AH for something like 115 to 120 gold. If you know the market price, you will buy the Frozen Orb when it is low like at a 120 gold.

If you sell it for 150 gold that’s still a 30 gold profit but if you can wait for quieter times or times where there are less of the item on the Auction House you can make a wider profit margin. So if there are only a few Frozen Orbs on the market and you can sell it for 180 gold, then you can make 50 gold before the auction house cut! Not bad!

If you can find just 10 items like this, you can easily make over 500 gold per hour on the Auction House. It does take dedication and patience but can definitely be done.

Some great examples of items to look for market prices for are: All eternals, all blue gems (Scarlet Ruby, Monarch Topaz, Autumn’s Glow), Titanium bar, Abyss Crystal, Crafted Items, Rare Quest Items such as the Damaged Necklace that leads to a Jewelcrafting quest. There are many others and you can always try to find your own niche and that adds to the fun! Good luck :)

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