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Deathchill Cloak

The Deathchill cloak is one of the best crafted cloaks in the game for spellcasters. The statistics on this cloak put it in great demand and for crafters this can be one of many gold mines. However, it does take some work to get the recipe for the Deathchill cloak although it can be learned from the Tailoring trainer in Dalaran. You are required to have the achievement Loremaster of Northrend.

The statistics of the Deathchill cloak are as follows:
- 150 Armor
- Improves critical strike rating by 43
- Improves haste rating by 53
- Increases spell power by 59

The Materials:
5 x Bolt of Imbued Frostweave
6 x Eternal Fire
4 x Eternal Shadow
1 x Siren”s Tear
1 x Frozen Orb

The materials aren’t too expensive for this cloak and you should be able to sell the cloak itself for a decent profit margin. As always make sure you know what the market price of the cloak is and have a good grasp of how much it will cost you to buy the materials off the auction house.

I always recommend buying everything off the auction house since this will save you a lot of time even if something is a little overpriced. If something is ridiculously overpriced then you might want to reconsider and simply go farm the item yourself or try to buy it off the trade channel. You’d be surprised how many people will be willing to sell something for a lot cheaper than on the AH, especially if they are in Dalaran where they can’t see what it’s going for on the auction house.

I have made up to 500 gold for each cloak  selling these on the auction house. Obviously that’s not going to happen everytime but even if you can only make 200-300 gold profits you can add this to the list of things you can sell to make lots of gold. I hope I’m giving you the impression that making a thousand gold a day is not impossible, in fact it probably is quite easily done as long as you are disciplined and being very effective and efficient with what you do.

Crafting the Deathchill Cloak for a Fee
Many people on the trade channel will be looking for people to craft things for them. They will even have the materials on them and are just simply looking for someone to make it for them and they will tip. On a minimum for such hard to get recipes, I think people should be paying 50-100 gold per item that they are getting crafted. To be honest, 50-100 gold is a lot cheaper than what they will be able to buy the item for on the auction house (considering how much you are making for each of these on the auction house).

If they start complaining that 50 gold is too much, which I wouldn’t bargain any further, then you can explain that if you craft it, you have seen items that you made go straight to the auction house for someone else’s profit and that you are in a business here as well.
I usually leave the tip up to the client but I say anywhere from 50-100 gold when it’s something rare like this and I have had a few generous players tip me the full 100 gold.

It’s really up to you how much you want to get tipped you could lower this and be more reasonable but getting the Loremaster of Northrend is a lot of work, more work than the Dungeonmaster of Northrend to get the Wispcloak and I think you should be rewarded for your hard work.

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