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In the World of Warcraft basically every crafting profession has recipes that cannot be learned through the trainer. Many of these recipes are bought from vendors that are all over the world either in Azeroth, the Outland, or Northrend. Not everyone has the time to be flying around to buy all the recipes and you can actually make a lot of gold by taking advantage of this if you just so happen to be in a place that has a recipe that is wanted.

Limited Supply Recipes
When you talk to a vendor they usually sell a bunch of things. Sometimes they have items that have a (1) or a different number, which means that item is a limited supply item. Some of these limited supply items sell well on the auction house so you should try and get a grasp of what sells well.

Selling a Limited Supply Recipe on the Neutral Auction House
There are certain items that are sold only to the Alliance and some that are sold only to the Horde. You can take advantage of this and buy things that only the Alliance can get and sell it on the neutral auction house for a profit. One recipe that I used to exploit a long time ago was the Recipe for Dark Silk Shirts that I could buy in Darkshire.

Buying and Selling Recipes on the Auction House
If you keep a good eye on all of the recipes that are sold on the auction for all crafting professions, you will see what the market prices are for certain recipes and what recipes are in demand. As with every other item, you will sometimes see a seller that will sell a recipe at a ridiculous price and you should take advantage of this. Only you will know that this is cheap since you have been keeping track of the prices of these recipes.

Buy low and sell high, that’s one of the secrets to making a lot of gold in the World of Warcraft. Do your best to keep track of prices of limited supply recipes as well as all of the other well selling recipes and you will be able to make a lot of gold. As always thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to your daily updated World of Warcraft Gold Making web blog,!

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