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Titanium Spellshock Ring

Jewelcrafting has become one of the most powerful gold makers with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King. Just with the gems themselves you can make a ton of gold but some of the recipes you can trade your Jewelcrafting tokens in for can create thousands of gold of profits. The Titanium Spellshock Ring is one of those items.

First you need skill level 430 in Jewelcrafting to be able to make the ring. Once you achieve that you simply need to trade in 6 Jewelcrafting tokens to the vendor beside the Jewelcrafting trainer (the one that sells Dragon’s Eyes) for the Design: Titanium Spellshock Ring. To level your Jewelcrafting to 430 sells crafted blue gems on the auction house over and over for even small profits. You will easily be able to hit 430 while making decent gold. Be sure to maximize your Jewelcrafting level asap as this is seriously a gold mine and there’s no need for you to wait until you hit 80 for this.

Titanium Spellshock Ring Materials:
2 x Titanium Bar
4 x Dragon”s Eye
4 x Eternal Water
4 x Eternal Air
1 x Frozen Orb

Now those are some expensive materials! The four Dragon’s Eyes alone could set you back nearly 1,500 gold depending on your server. But you could possibly buy there for as little as 200 gold a piece. Do the calculation and see how much it will cost you craft the item and check the auction house since you’re probably going to have some competition from other Jewelcrafters.

Socket the Ring!
The ring come with a red socket so socket it when you put it on the Auction House! You don’t need to put a blue gem in, it just makes it look better when you have competition (especially if you’re selling yours for cheaper). Since it’s a spellcaster’s ring, put a +spell damage red gem inside. I would almost just put in a Runed Scarlet Ruby, if Scarlet Rubies aren’t too expensive, however they are the most expensive gem so you might just want to put in something cheaper.

Crafting the Titanium Spellshock Ring for Players that Have Materials
This is also a good source of side income since players will sometimes ask for someone to craft this ring on the trade channel. As long as you can cut out a deal that makes sense for you, then you can craft the ring for them and it only takes a couple of minutes to work out a deal. I usually charge anywhere from 50-100 gold but it really depends on your server and competition, you might want to charge more or less. I have personally made thousands of gold just from selling this ring a few times, it tells you how well I am doing with this ring. Competition might be fierce on your server so it might not be the same, but if you play your cards right you will be able to make a decent amount of gold from this ring as well. Because it is a pretty expensive item, you might not be able to sell one everyday, but overtime if you can sell several of these you will definitely be happy with the amount of gold you sold.

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