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With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King, you’d think that everything you do to make gold has to be done in Northrend. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, with the expansion release most people are in Northrend that means although the demand might be high the supply is also very high for everything that is produced and crafted in Northrend.

Move Back to Azeroth
Old materials sell very well because not too many people are farming them and they are still necessary to level professions and for twinks. Do you realize how much thorium is necessary for a Blacksmith to get past Azeroth skill levels? Insane amounts, I remember how big of a pain it was and how I spent thousands of gold leveling Blacksmithing.

So that’s your first hint, mithril and thorium bars still sell very well. And the great thing is, your competition to get them would be a lot lower. However, unlike in the Outland and Northrend, you can’t use your flying mounts so it will slow down your farming speed but if you can find a good route then you will definitely have a decent stream of income from farming these two ores.

If you’re a Herbalist, then you have a similar way of making money. Herbs like Kingsblood, Briarthorn, Sungrass, Khadghar, and Purple Lotus still sell very well. And if you can find good places to farm them you can also rack in a decent amount of gold.

Time and Price Your Auctions Right
Just because there’s a lower supply for something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can always sell your materials at the best price. Sometimes you will have to time the market if people are underpricing materials. In fact, if you think something is deeply discounted, you should go ahead and by that off the auction house and reset the prices on the auction house, giving your self a nice profit. Have fun farming! I love the scenery in Old Azeroth, I think it’s much better than Outland or Northrend.

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