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How to Make Gold With Blacksmithing – Titanium Rods

Posted on March 27th, 2009 by admin

You need to take advantage of every possible recipe to make the most of making gold in the World of Warcraft. In this article, I’ll introduce another way of making gold with Blacksmithing. Enchanters need rods that Blacksmiths make to enchant. A lot of Blacksmiths don’t bother making them since they don’t think it’s worth their time, and that’s where you should take advantage of their laziness!

Titanium Rod
2 x Saronite Bar

1 x Titanium Bar

You should consider making all of the other rods too since they can all make some money for you and Enchanters need them as they level their Enchanting.

Silver Rod

Golden Rod

Truesilver Rod

Arcanite Rod

Fel Iron Rod

Adamantite Rod

Eternium Rod

Because there are many people farming Northrend and not so much for Old Azeroth you might find bigger profit margins for the older rods. Many of the people that are leveling Enchanting will have plenty of gold because they might change professions after hitting 80. It could also be for an alt that is pretty high and they want to use that alt for disenchanting and yet require a high level rod for this to be possible. Consistently check the auction house to see what the going prices are for these rods. Good luck!

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