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The release of the achievements has made making gold easier in the World of Warcraft. There are many items that are required to get an achievement that need crafters to make them. In this article we will talking about the Haunted Herring and how a secondary profession in Fishing can make you some nice gold.

It’s nice to know that something other than Deviate Fish sells for the fishers in the game! You need 350 cooking skill to cook Haunted Herrring, here are the materials for it.

Haunted Herring

1 x Fangtooth Herring

1 x Essence of Undeath

To catch the Fangtooth Herring, you need to have a minimum of 380 fishing skill but you should strive for much higher to get a 100% catch rate. Aim for 475 or close to 500 if you want to consistently catch these without having to waste time. Howling Fjord has a few pools of Fangtooth Herring here and there.

The Essence of Undeath can be farmed in Eastern Plaguelands if you don’t see any on the Auction House. I would just buy whatever is on the auction but if not you can go north of Light Hope’s Chapel or pay the scourge in Stratholme a visit as I’m sure they’ll be willing to spare a few Essence of Undeath.

You should be able to sell these for a nice profit on the auction house because most people are very lazy to farm either. Go out and farm as many as you can in one sitting and then keep a nice stock of these in your bank and sell a couple at a time so that you don’t overflow the auction house. Rinse and repeat until you run out, it should give a nice stream of income along with everything else you’ve been doing at the same time.

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