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High-level fishing is a pain to achieve. The great thing is you could sit in Stormwind, Ironforge, or Undercity all day and fish the same old thing over and over and still get skill levels. Theirs is no difficulty required to level your fishing it just takes a LOT of time! I suggest you break this up into bits and pieces and work your way up, as you skill level gets higher you have to catch more fish to get a skill up.

The fun thing about fishing is that you can fish pools of water and sometimes fish up crates. These crates or boxes have items inside them and you can find a variety of things from cloths, alcohol, recipes, and other goodies. Once you hit level 70 and have your fishing skill up to 300 (you could use a lure to get it over that threshold) then you can start doing the daily fishing quests just outside of Shattrath, talk to Old Man Barlo.

You could also go for an achievement as you level your fishing. Such as in Ironforge you can try to catch Old Ironjaw and then go over to Ogrimmar to do the same. This way you can kill two birds with one stone to level your fishing.

Now let’s get to the juicy part of actually making gold with fishing. I will introduce two types of fish that sell well themselves or that you could cook to sell the cooked product on the auction house to make money.

Try and strive for a skill level 475 with lures for the following fish and higher if possible so that you don’t let anything get away.

Dragonfin Angelfish

Location to Fish: A great place to fish these is in Dragonblight. You could try the Emerald Dragonshire as well in Dragonblight.

Musselback Sculpin

Location to fish: Borean Tundra, pools where the Gorlocs are in Lake Kum’uya around the middle of Borean Tundra.

Again, you could cook these or sell the raw fish. I would recommend selling the raw fish unless you have tons of Northern spices lying around. For the Musselback Sculpin, you could just sell the raw fish since it can be used for more than one recipe.

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