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Can You Make Real Money with World of Warcraft Gold?

Posted on March 23rd, 2009 by admin

This is often a frowned upon subject because many people don’t agree with people buying and selling gold with real money to get a real advantage in the game. In my opinion, I understand that some people don’t have the time to farm and grind and to craft items and want to trade real money to help them in the game. It isn’t easy to build up a character from scratch unless you can spend a huge amount of time playing, and that’s why people buy and sell gold.

Can you make a Living Off of Selling WoW Gold?
It really depends on what kind of living standards you have. I did a quick search online for sites where you could sell your gold. I should note that Blizzard, who made World of Warcraft, is very strict about Real Money Trading/Transactions (RMT) and should be caught your account will be suspended and possibly terminated.

Having said that people still sell their WoW gold online and I have seen sites where players are trading with one another selling gold and selling accounts. You can still (at the time of writing this article) get around $10 before fees, etc. for every 1,000 gold. This is where you have to ask yourself, is that a lot of money?

As much as I have been writing these guides, consistently getting 1,000 gold per hour is very very difficult although it isn’t impossible. If you think of WoW as a business and can continuously pump out items and sell auctions and trade like mad, it might be possible but even then it is only $10 an hour. Now if you play everyday of the month and spend 10 hours per day, (and I pray that you aren’t), that’s 10 hours x 30 days = 300 hours. 300 hours x $10 = $3,000 before the fees and paypal fees or whatever depending on how you receive your money. That doesn’t seem like too bad a figure but you have to spend a crazy amount of time playing and you have the risk of getting caught.

Selling Accounts & Power Leveling Services
Some people sell their accounts when they leave the game. This is a pretty good idea to be honest. Why not get some real money with the time that you spent in the game? If you don’t like the idea stay away from it and don’t even touch it with a ten foot pole. To be honest, I haven’t sold my account and don’t plan on it because even if you are taking a break, you can always go back and have more fun!

Although starting from scratch isn’t too bad either, you can enjoy the game all over again! I guess this article has given you an idea that yes you can make real money with a game, but if you don’t want to lose your account then don’t.

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