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I recently wrote a post about there not being a “best” profession to make gold. And I still agree with this because every profession can make you lots of gold depending on how hard you work and your server’s economy. However, if you choose to be a gatherer, I think you should go for both Mining & Herbalism. Here’s why.

Mining & Herbalism at first glance conflict one another since you can’t track them both. However, if you use the Gatherer addon you can make it much easier to track both at the same time.

Here’s a link to the addon on

With Gatherer you have to farm the herb/node first for it to memorize the location of the herb/node. However, if you make enough runs at it you will know exactly what route to take to be the most efficient. In the meantime you can switch back and forth as you farm both materials.

Again, it really depends on your server but the more you can gather the better. Sometimes quality is more important the quantity and if you are farming in Northrend you’ve already gotten quality so you just need to find as many herbs/nodes as you can. Some claim that they can make thousands of gold an hour from simply farming the two gathering professions. This might be possible, but you have to have a super strong WoW economy on your server for that to happen.

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