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Depending on your server, the competition is fierce to make gold nowadays and you really have to be smart about how you make that gold. When a new expansion is released 90% of the people concentrate on the new things and it’s understandable. Everyone wants to be the server first to beat Naxx or get a certain achievement or hit 80. But then the old world is left behind in the darkness…or is it?

The cloths in the old world can make you a surprising amount of gold if you really milk it and I’ve been doing this the past few days since I just started out on a new server and have no gold at all. As I always tell you do your research to figure out what the market prices are for everything! And for the purpose of this article do your research on the following cloths:

Linen Cloth

Wool Cloth

Silk Cloth

Mageweave Cloth


From my experience the best sellers are Wool, Mageweave, and Runecloth. On an older server with a higher population, Runecloth sells like mad because with the achievement system now in place, people want to turn in a crazy amount of Runecloth to get Exalted with all of the Classic Factions.

Buy Low and Sell High!
That old saying works well here! Because there are so many lowbies that don’t know the market or don’t care you can take this to your advantage by buying the cloths at super low prices and sell at double or triple the prices! You might not think that this is much but if you were to simply do a quick search on each cloth or the simply the big three (Wool, Mageweave, and Runecloth).

Buying and selling the cloths might not amount to a hundred gold an hour but it will definitely help achieve hundreds of golds an hour if you do this along with all the other gold making tips that I have revealed on this website!

Don’t waste too much time
When you’re at the auction house it’s really easy to get carried away and waste your time. Set time limits for your auction visits so that you don’t waste your time. For example, set your time to 15 minutes and do everything you can in that timeframe and go back to farming, leveling, raiding, dancing on top of the mailbox, or whatever it is that you do. (If you’re dancing on top of the mailbox, I suggest you spend more time at the auction house, you can dance as you look at the auctions).

Be sure to have several of these schemes working the same time. Let’s show those in doubt that making hundreds of gold an hour is indeed possible without some expensive gold guide or illegal way. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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