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A basic point I never got around to talking about in any of my articles is that you have to have at least one level 80 to be making the maximum amount of gold. Besides, it is more fun to have a maxed out level so you can take on the many challenges in the World of Warcraft.

Leveling can be a pain at times but if you’re efficient at it isn’t too bad. I’ve leveled many characters up to 70 before the Wrath of the Lich King was released and now have 2 80s. The best leveling guides out there are the ones you see on my side bar. For the Alliance it’s Brian Kopp’s guide and for the Horde it is Joana’s guide. Both of these guides have helped me immensely since they take you through every single step of your leveling process, tell you what skills to get, where to go and minimize the time wasted on some other things.

More Gold at Higher Levels than at Lower Levels
When you are a lower level character, there really is no need to be making gold. The only thing you will need is at level 30, which is your first mount that will minimize the time you spend traveling. Otherwise, you’ll make much more gold when you’re at 80 than whatever you do when you’re level 40. This is unless you trade the auction house like I have suggested in some of my other articles.

However, if you’re at level 40 there aren’t any daily quests that you could to make gold. But at level 80 there are a ton of daily quests that you could do for at least 10 gold each and some of them take very little time and effort and you could do this while making tons of gold on the auction house!

Time is Money
I think of my time as real money. If I spend a few hours wasting time, that’s money wasted where I could be earning money or gold somewhere else. This principle applies in the game too, if I sit around doing nothing when I could be leveling my characters than I’ve wasted valuable time where I could be earnings hundreds of gold an hour. That’s why I actually spent money on buying the guides so that I could make the process that much more efficient, and trust me it was worth it.

There are also many other guides on the Internet that will be helpful to some extent as well so if you don’t want to shell out real cash to buy these guides then by all means use those guides as well!

In another post I’ll get into some gold making daily quests you could be doing at level 80 and that you should do, day in and day out to maximize the amount of gold you make in the game. Again thanks for reading and enjoy playing World of Warcraft!
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