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Just like in real life, having a brand and a strong reputation can make you lots of gold in the World of Warcraft. People always want to buy things from people that they like and more importantly, they can trust. If you are a good businessman and provide services for a reasonable price and are fair, efficient, and trustworthy then you will see you business grow.

Crafting Professions
Although at first Enchanting would seem to benefit from recurring business the most, this will apply to every crafting profession. The reason Enchanting would benefit from recurring business is that Enchanting is more of a “service” profession than it is a “retailing” profession. The good you have to sell with Enchanting is the enchant itself which is more of a service that a product.

If you advertise well and are fair with your customers on and off the auction house, you will often get direct offers from other players in the World of Warcraft. If you ever converse with anyone in the game, tell them to add you to their friends list if they every need anything that is associated with your profession. I’ve had several times where I would be online and have someone want something crafted. If you’re busy then tell them that you can do it later for them, but if you aren’t try to be as accommodating as possible. Remember, customers should be treated like gods, yes even in the World of Warcraft.

Don’t Rip People Off!
I’m sure you don’t like being ripped off, and I can guarantee no one else does. If you plan on having recurring business instead of ripping someone off, give him or her a reasonable offer and even then be willing to bargain a little bit. This way if you give them what they want then there’s a chance that they will come back to you for more which will probably lead you to more than you could have made had you ripped the other player off. Be fair with your dealings and always remember you’re dealing with another human being on the other end.

Offer Other Products
With the release of the recent patches, ok maybe not that recent anymore, you can link your entire profession in the chatbox. That’s awesome! But take that one step further and when you are talking to a potential client tell them what the best things that you can craft are! That way they might end up buying 2 or 3 items/services from you and bring you even more profits! If they are willing to buy more than one of something, give the opportunity to bundle up to save money! Everyone loves sales!

Always be fair with other players not only when you selling them something but all the time. You don’t want to be thought of a two-face when you really aren’t. Reputation is very important and being professional will help you earn a strong profession. Good luck with your gold making in the World of Warcraft! Thanks again for reading :)

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