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The newest profession Inscription is still scratching a lot of people’s heads. I never thought I would take up inscription because I didn’t think it was worth but boy was I wrong! Inscription might be the new Jewelcrafting in terms of making a lot of gold and I’ll give you at least one reason why in this article.

Shoulder Enchants
Before I tell you about Snowfall ink, let me talk to you a little bit about Inscription and its benefits. First off, at a higher level, you will be able to have special shoulder enchants. The 4 different kinds you will be able to attain are:

Master”s Inscription of the Axe
Master”s Inscription of the Crag
Master”s Inscription of the Pinnacle
Master”s Inscription of the Storm

Tomes and Scrolls
Those shoulder enchants themselves are almost worth leveling Inscription in WoW but there’s plenty more. You can make off-hand tomes like Iron-bound Tome or Faces of Doom, both being Bind on Equip (BoE) so you can sell them on the Auction House. You can also make every level of scrolls for every level to use so that they can level faster or farm that much quicker by having better stats.

The core of Inscription is in the glyphs. With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King you can have 3 major glyphs and 3 minor glyphs at level 80 that will help you boost stats or help you in one way or another. Every player should have every glyph slot filled, otherwise it’s a waste of a free boost you could get. This is where Inscription is needed, as we will make the glyph for other players. Some glyphs go tens of gold on the auction house as some are more rare or more in demand than others. Do your research, I can tell you that I’m not maxed out in Inscription but I have easily made back the money I used to level it to 420 which is where it is currently at.

Snowfall Ink
Snowfall Ink
Inscription requires that you mill 5 herbs to create pigments. Herbs create different kinds of pigments and the highest level of pigment is created from all Northrend herbs. Higher ranking herbs (harder to farm in higher level areas), usually give you more pigments than say a lower rank herb. So for example, Icethorn will usually give you more pigment than Tiger Lily. That’s just an example and you should try several stacks of each herb to make sure, don’t worry you will definitely make your gold back.

So the most rare of all inks is the Snowfall Ink. Snowfall ink is created with two Icy Pigments. Icy pigments are a rare pigment that you get from milling Northrend herbs. Now, when you mill lower end herbs, you might be lucky to get one in a stack. However, when you mill higher end herbs such as Icethorn or Adder’s Tongue, you can sometimes get 3-4 Icy pigments in a stack. You need, 2 Icy pigments for one Snowfall ink.

On my server, Snowfall inks sell for 19 gold to 20 gold each. A stack of Icethron or Adder’s Tongue is around 15-16 gold. Do you see what I’m getting at here? I was a little reluctant to write this article since it is a gold mine, but the whole purpose of me writing this blog is so that fellow WoW players can make the most of their time in WoW.

So let’s make this clear, you can get at least 1 Snowfall ink (or 2 Icy Pigments) per stack that sells for 19 gold for 15-16 gold. Plus, because you are milling higher end herbs, you will usually get an average of 3 Azure Pigments per 5 herbs that you mill. That means you get another 12 Azure pigments or 6 Ink of the Sea. So basically you are getting the 6 Ink of the Sea for free as well as any extra Icy Pigments you might get. I’ve had times when I would get 2 Icy pigments for 5 herbs that I mill, I’m sure that’s a rare scenario but it does happen and it only adds to your profitability. You can also turn 10 Ink of the Sea into 1 Snowfall ink at the Inscription trainer in Dalaran.

Now with Inscription comes Darkmoon Card of the North, that can create one card of one of four different decks. The decks are Nobles, Chaos, Prisms, and Undeath. Darkmoon Card of the North is a gamble and I’ve done the math but it just isn’t worth it for me to take the risk. I would much rather sell the materials and buy the individual cards (or the deck) depending on what is cheaper. This might be different on your server or current market but this is the conclusion that I have arrived at.

Darkmoon Card of the North
How did I do this calculation? The materials for Darkmoon Card of the North are:
1 x Resilient Parchment – 45 silver
6 x Snowfall Ink – (6 stacks of herbs or 6 x 15 = 90 gold)
3 x Eternal Life (Currently going for at least 10 gold each, therefore 3 x 10 =30 gold)
3 x Ink of the Sea (You will get enough of these in the 6 stacks you need for Snowfall Inks)

So that totals to 120 gold 45 silver. That’s a lot of gold for each card that you create! Sure if you get any Nobles card then you will be able to make your money back, but what if you don’t get a Nobles card and get an Undeath or Chaos card that is not in demand? You will end up losing money, so my conclusion is simply sell the Snowfall Ink or make glyphs that make you gold. It might be different on your server so do the little calculation with your server’s current auction house prices. And look at all the different cards of each deck to get a feel for their market prices as well.

To take that last calculation another step, if you simply kept the 6 Snowfall Ink you and turned the Ink of the Sea into Snowfall inks from the 6 stacks (6 stacks = 6 x 6 Ink of the Sea = 36 or 3.6 Snowfall Ink) you would have 9 Snowfall Ink. If you sold that for 19 gold each, you would have 171 gold. Even if you sold them for less you would still be better off than creating a Darkmoon Card of the North.

I hope you found this article helpful :) If you did, please subscribe and let your friends know about this blog. More readers motivates me to write more, haha.

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