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Tailoring: Make 1000s of Gold with Wispcloak!

Posted on March 3rd, 2009 by admin


Wispcloak is a rare recipe that you can learn from the Tailoring trainer in Dalaran after achieving a couple things. First, the easy one is to attain a skill level of 420 in Tailoring. The second and more challenging task is to get the achievement of “Northrend Dungeonmaster.” That means you have to go through and successfully complete every single dungeon in Northrend. It doesn’t have to be on heroic mode so if you hit 80 and have decent gear you can help your guildies go through normal mode or do any PUG (Pickup group) to finish the dungeon.

So What’s this Recipe Worth?
The statistics on this cloak or very nice. 150 Armor, +43 Stamina, +36 Intellect. It also Restores 20 (6.1 at 80) mana per 5 sec. And Increases spell power by 59. Along with the Deathchill Cloak, which I will talk about in another post, it is one of the best crafted cloaks in the game!

The Materials are as follows:
Bolt of Imbued Frostweave x 5
Eternal Life x 6
Eternal Water x 4
Siren’s Tear x 1
Frozen Orb x 1

There is huge potential in making a ton of gold with this recipe because not everyone can make it and there is a very good demand for the recipe. You can watch the Auction House to see what it goes for. Just because there might be 1-3 on the Auction House any time does not mean you can’t profit from it either. You just have to time it right, find people that will want it and make sure you buy your materials for cheap.

If you can do those 3 things, you will definitely be able to make consistent gold in the game. Always think about your profit margins when crafting items as I have mentioned in another article. You can advertise on the trade channel that you are currently crafting Wispcloak with your materials or the customer’s for a tip. For hard to get recipes you should be able to get anywhere from 30-100 gold per craft. It really depends on your server and how hard a time the person has had trying to get the item crafted.

If the person says even 30 gold is ridiculous tell them that you’ve had people rip you off before and put that same item on the Auction House making them a profit. Don’t overcharge your customers since you might be able to do business with them again. Repeat customers are also a great source of income!

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