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Buying and Selling Frost Lotus and Titanium Ore

Posted on October 15th, 2009 by admin

Buying and Selling Frost Lotus and Titanium Ore

In this article, I’d like to go through something I pay attention to every time I’m at the auction house. That is, I check the price of Frost Lotus and Titanium Ore. Since patch 3.2 has been released, the price of Titanium ore has sky rocketed thanks to how it can now be prospected. Patch 3.2 also meant the introduction of a new raid, the Trial of the Crusader. With the release of it, meant more raiders need flasks and hence the greater demand for Frost Lotus.

These two commodities in the World of Warcraft won’t be going any lower in demand anytime soon, especially Frost Lotuses, as more and more people will continue to raid across all servers. The more active your server is with raiders, the higher the demand for Frost Lotus.

When I go to the auction house, I check the price for both commodities and take note for a few days to get a solid feeling for the market price of each one. This is a common theme you see in all my posts and this is what I do to all items I am keeping track of. Once you have a solid feeling for the market price, you now need decide what you need to buy Frost Lotuses or Titanium ore for to flip it and sell it at a decent price.

I go by percentages since that’s what the auction house cut is as well. Your regular faction’s auction house cut is 5% and I believe the cross faction (Goblin auction houses) are 15%. So you should take this into consideration as you buy and sell anything in the World of Warcraft.

I try to make at least a 10-15% profit on everything I try to flip. So that means if Frost Lotuses are going for 50 gold and you want to sell them for say 49 gold. The auction house cut is 2 gold 45 silver per Frost Lotus. To make 10-15% on each Frost Lotus or roughly around 7 gold, you should strive to buy each Frost Lotus at 40 gold or less.

It will entirely depend on how much you want to make on each item that you are trying to resell. Sometimes, you won’t want as much profit per item you sell. The less profit you seek, the more you will be able to buy and sell since you will have a greater chance of seeing the item for sale at that higher price. If you expect to buy the items at too low a price, you won’t be able to turn a profit since you won’t have enough opportunities to buy, so there may be a need to adjust accordingly depending on the item you want to buy and sell and the profit you want from the process. You could also define a set gold amount like 5 gold profit per sale after the auction house cut.

Another great place to find deals is the trade channel. Here you will find opportunities where there will be farmers that don’t want to bother with the auction house. These farmers want to sell their stuff as soon as possible so that they can go back to farming, make these people your friends! I’ve have several farmers that I buy from regularly and I turn round and sell it from a profit, it really is a win-win situation.

Hope this helps! Be sure to check back regularly for more ways of making gold in the latest World of Warcraft content!

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