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Enchanting: Make Lots of Gold with Disenchanting!

Posted on March 5th, 2009 by admin

Every profession has a nice way of making gold. Today’s blog entry will talk about Disenchanting and how it will earn you lots of gold in the World of Warcraft. The level of item that you can disenchant will depend on your enchanting skill. If you’re just starting off Enchanting, then you should disenchant to gain skill levels since you’ll be needing those materials to level later on.

I won’t get into how to level your Enchanting since there are many guides out there, although I do plan on writing a pick one eventually. Let me take you through what the best gold earners are in the world of disenchanting.

From what I have read and my experience from when I was an Enchanter there are two very good sellers. They are:
Greater Eternal Essence which you can break into Lesser Eternal Essences as well.
Level 56-65 items (non-Burning Crusade) items will disenchant into Eternal essences. Do mind that weapons have a better chance to give you essences while armor items have a better chance of giving you Illusion Dust.

Greater Planar Essence also sell decently well which you can also turn in to Lesser Planar Essences just by right clicking them. You have the best chance of getting Planar essences from items that are level 66-70. As with Eternal Essences, armor items will give you more Arcane Dust and weapons will give you a better chance to get essences although sometimes you will get shards as well.

Using the Auction House to Multiply Your Profits!

Many people put garbage green items on the Auction House because they can’t disenchant the items themselves but want to make a decent profit instead of just selling the green items to the vendors.

What you can do to multiply your profit is to look for green items that turn into expensive enchanting materials when you disenchant them! You just have to check the auction house and look for items that are between level 61-65 and level 66-70 and do the math to see how much it will cost to buy the items and how much you can sell the disenchanted items for.

From green armor items it seems that 20% of the time you will get essences while you will get 75% dust. At the same time you will get 75% essences and 20% dust if you disenchant green weapons. So you should try to buy weapons but obviously that leads to weapons being more expensive. The other 5% you will get a shard.

To Give you an Example Calculation…
Say Eternal Essences are going for 15 gold and Illusion Dust is going for 3 gold. So if you do that math ad buy a weapon you will get 15 gold 75% of the time and 3 gold 20% of the time. The reality is, you usually get more than 1 dust but let’s keep it simple for the purpose of this example. In addition say you will get a Large Brilliant shard 5% of the time that’s worth about 4 gold.

15 x 0.75 = 11.25gold
3 x 0.20 = 0.60gold
4 x 0.05 =0.20 gold
12.05 gold

So that means the maximum you should pay for a green weapon item between the level 61-65 should 12.05 gold to breakeven. You should substitute the current market price to reflect what you will want to buy the item for currently. And do this for every disenchanting item that you are looking to buy.

To make a profit from this you have to subtract your profits! So say you want to make 30% profit on every item that you buy off the auction house. All you do is multiply that by 0.70 (which is 1 minus 30%) x 12.05 gold which equals roughly 8.44 gold. To make 30% profit you should be looking to buy green weapon items between level 61-65 for 8.44 gold or less.

I hope this makes sense and will lead to your gold riches! Keep a close eye out on the Auction House since many people just sell items to get rid of stuff. In addition, you should look to bid on items that are priced low, you might have to wait a while for them to expire but you will be able to profit more if you can be patient for some auctions to end and being able to buy certain items at a lower price. Good luck!

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