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Making Gold with Alchemy: Flask of Frost Wyrm

Posted on March 8th, 2009 by admin

Flask of the Frost Wyrm
Flasks are a must for any World of Warcraft raider. Even if you aren’t raiding and are just doing normal or heroic dungeon runs, flasks can help you a great deal and especially helps that you don’t lose the benefit even if you die. Flask of the Frost Wyrm is what all spell casters need that want an increase in their spell power. Like some of the other flasks, the Flask of the Frost Wyrm sells like crazy because it’s a consumable and it’s in extreme demand! You could probably be selling these all day if you price it right and are playing all day. It’s just one of those things that sell constantly!

Materials Needed to Make the Flask of Frost Wyrm:

5 x Icethorn

5 x Lichbloom

1 x Frost Lotus

1 x Enchanted Vial

To Farm or Not to Farm: Again this is a decision you will want to make. You can farm the materials to save money especially if you enjoy farming and obviously have Herbalism. But if you don’t have Herbalism (in which case you have no choice) or want to save time, I suggest you buy the materials off the Auction House. Always look at the different stacks that are available, as a lot of players list items on the auction houses for deep discounts if you buy them in lots of 20.

Sometimes players don’t do the math so odd lots like stacks of 7 or 14 for example; can save you a lot of money! Make this one of many of your moneymaking machines! It’s great to find one or two ways of making money but the true way of making a ton of gold in the World of Warcraft is to have several money making schemes running at the same time. You could be racking in hundred of gold while running an instance or raid, and I am not exaggerating here. Once you’re done the instance or raid you can go back to a major city and put up similar auctions and do the same thing over and over and keep making huge amounts of gold!

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