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How to Make World of Warcraft Gold by Cornering the Market!

March 29th, 2009

Depending on the server you are on, you are probably noticing that there is fierce competition for many of the items that you are selling. To add to the problem there are always people that will try to undercut everyone else by putting things on the auction house by listing their auction at the most ridiculous of prices. There’s something you can do to not defeat these people but also profit from them as well!

Corner the Market!

So what exactly does that mean and how do you put it in practice?

Say for example you are looking to sell your Borean Leathers. The market price of these leathers might be 60 silver per leather and yet you have some seller putting them up for auction at 20-40 silver per leather. What you do is you buy these auctions out and get rid of them so that your auction will be the best looking auction for other buyers.

Once the market settles and you have less competition, you can put the Borean leathers you bought from these other players and sell them at the market price which would be around 60 silver. You will add to your profits by doing this because you will be making 20-40 silver for the leathers that you bought from other players.

By putting this strategy into practice, you also keep the market at its proper value instead of having people lower the prices of a variety of items. This means that in the long run you can realize bigger gains and continue to make very good World of Warcraft gold as long as you keep things under control. And at the same time you’re also helping other sellers since they obviously want to sell their goods at the highest price possible as well.

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