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How to Make Gold in the World of Warcraft – Runed Orbs

May 18th, 2009

The new expansion is here and everyone is excited about downing bosses first and getting new gear as well as being exposed to new lore in the World of Warcraft. A truly epic game with such great quality gameplay. I’ve quit the game at least on a couple of occasions only to come back for more.

In my recent comeback, I leveled my first shaman from 1-80 in crazy speed and at the same time made some gold on the side so that once my shammy hit 80 (which I did yesterday, hurray!!), I could gear her well.

How much gold you ask? Well, by only spending about an hour a day or so on the auction house with my former main that is a Jewelcrafter and Tailor, I made over 25,000 gold in the past month. And I actually think I’m holding back a little bit. I wish I could provide a screenshot but I spent so much gold on gear that I only have about 2,000 gold left. As you can imagine, I was able to buy many epics and fully equip my shaman as both a Enhancement and Restoration build right off the bat. It’s day two since I hit 80 an already I’m doing better than my mage who was my old main.

Runed Orbs
Runed Orb
Well I strayed quite a bit there so let’s get to today’s big World of Warcraft gold maker. The new expansion with Ulduar has brought a new orb and that’s the Runed Orb. Frozen Orbs were the in things but now they are replaced by Runed Orbs.

The scary thing about these orbs is that they’re extremely rare and noone knows how to price them. Eventually we’ll probably see them drop significantly and although maybe not quite to the 60-90 gold range you see with Frozen Orbs, you might see them drop to 150-300 gold range, that’s just my guess.

But in the meantime, these things will fetch up prices well beyond a thousand gold each, as they are used to craft the best epic gear in the game thus far. That means there is huge demand for an item that there is such little supply for.

My advice to you is to put this on your list of items to keep an eye out for when you’re browing the auction house and buy it if you “know” it’s cheap. This will vary on each server but I’d say if you could get your hands on one of these for anywhere around a thousand gold for less buy it! If you don’t want to sell it with the same character, send it to an auction house alt that you should have.

I’m writing this on May 18th, 2009 so don’t be running to the auction house and buying a runed orb priced for 500 gold if a few months (or years) have passed. This is pretty time sensitive. But even if you are playing in the year 2011, everything has a market price and if Runed Orbs are still selling and you see one on the auction house at a steep discount, don’t be shy in buying it and reselling it. That’s the name of the game! Happy Gold Making!

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