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How to Make World of Warcraft Gold with Blacksmithing – Titanium Shield Spike

March 28th, 2009

Here’s another way for Blacksmiths to make gold, the Titanium Shield Spike. The great thing about this item is that it stacks with shield enchantments. Any warrior or paladin would love to get these on their shields, so even if you have competition, be sure to maximize your profits with this as well.

Titanium Shield Spike

2 x Saronite Bar
1 x Titanium Bar

You can also offer to craft these items for a fee if another player has the materials. Also, advertising the Titanium Shield Spike on the trade channel will be good too as it will create awareness for the item and could increase your customer base as many of the players will need this many times as they upgrade their gear.

Remember, use many of the gold making guides at the same time to maximize your time in the World of Warcraft. The more gold making schemes you have running at the same time, the more gold you can make at the same time. Making hundreds of gold an hour is not out of the question if you can be consistent with what you do. Good luck!

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