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Time to Make Tons of Gold with the New Expansion in WoW!

April 17th, 2009

A new expansion is always an exciting event in the World of Warcraft. When something new happens, a lot of things change and sometimes, new instances and raids appear where the higher end players will be spending a lot of time and gold on their new adventures.

Every Profession Can Make Tons of Gold!

This is your chance to make lots and lots of gold! I have written several articles on how to make gold with each profession so take a quick look for what works best for you! As an example, when players get new gear they need to add new enchants to it, so that’s good for you Enchanters! In addition, they need to get new gems for their sockets, and that’s new business for you Jewelcrafters! Blacksmiths can make money with Eternal Belt Buckles and Alchemists can make tons of gold by selling raiding flasks. Leatherworkers can make the armor kits and leg armor enchants.

It’s an exciting time in the game and I suggest you take full advantage of the market. You might be a raider yourself and it will cost you lots of gold to repair your gear etc. So the best thing you can do is to spend some time on the Auction House before heading to Ulduar and maximize your profit potential!

Check The Market Constantly!
When a new wave hits the markets, the price can be very volatile. Therefore, in order to maximize your profits you have to keep a close eye on the market price of the goods that you are selling. You might have to sacrifice some auction house deposit fees and take off some auctions and reenter them at a lower price if you want to make the most of the market. Or you could keep the current auctions on the auction house and enter more auctions at a lower price. This way, if all of the lower priced items sell out then players will eventually buy your items at the higher price, bringing you even more profits.

Have Constant Inventory
When you find that certain items are selling especially well, make your sure have plentiful materials to craft those items. The worst thng that can happen is that you have a huge market for something but can’t craft it because you can’t get the materials to craft the item. Works out how much you need to craft the item and continue to buy the materials whenever you see them on the auction house at a reasonable price. Remember, you can always farm materials, but it’s opportunity cost, you’re wasting a LOT of time farming when you could simply buy the same item on the auction house and profit.

Sure you might not make as much on the same item, but over time you will be able to craft more and will make more than you would have if you were to farm everything, and that means that you are pretty much wasting your time farming. I have made tens of thousands of gold crafting and I can attest to this. So trust me, don’t farm and concentrate on buying materials cheap on the auction house, and enjoy other parts of WoW unless you really enjoy farming, which I also like to do once in a while. It’s a nice change.

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