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How to Make Gold with Lower Level Crafting

April 30th, 2009

With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King, most people are crafting and buying the newest items and the highest-level items. But don’t forget, there are players in their lower levels that still need to buy lower level crafted items and this is another niche that you can exploit!

Every profession has items that can be used by lower levels. Learn every recipe that you can without killing your piggy bank and see what sells. can tell you what some items sell for albeit, they might a little outdated but they can still give you a pretty good indication as to what used to sell.

Once you find things that you can sell, experiment yourself by selling the item and trying different strategies. If it’s a consumable item, you might be able to sell in ones or stacks of 10 at a small discount.

Blacksmithing has rods for enchanters, swords and other weapons for lowbies as well as armor. The same goes for Leatherworkers with armor kits and armor. Jewelcrafting has necklaces and rings that can be used at lower levels. Inscription has glyphs and scrolls that lower levels can use. Alchemy can give a nice boost with the potions and elixirs. Enchanters can now put their enchants on scrolls to sell on the auction house. Tailoring can make bags and cloth armor. The opportunities are limitless and you really can make a lot of gold if you are willing to spend the time to find what really sells.

The more gold you have, the more fun this game will be as you will have access to stronger items and the best enchants in the game. You can also negotiate with other players when you are trying to acquire something and maybe pay them gold for it.

Hope this article helps, if it does be sure to digg it! Thanks for reading!

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