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How to Make Gold in the World of Warcraft – Jewelcrafting Prospecting

May 22nd, 2009

Thanks for reading my blog, if you aren’t familiar with this blog you’ll find nearly 60 articles (as of this writing) to make hundreds of gold per day. I like being realistic and that’s with a reasonable amount of playing time, but if you were to put in a lot of time with a number of the articles written here you can easily make hundreds of gold per hour.

Today I’m going to talk about prospecting that Jewelcrafters have. What this is you prospect, or break down 5 ore of any kind (that isn’t green, blue, or epic) and you get a gem, usually green but sometimes blue.

Now because we are in the Wrath of the Lich King, the best ore to prospect is indeed Saronite Ore. On my server, a stack of Saronite Ore goes for about 16-18 per stack. The prices have dropped but so has the price of gems so it makes sense all around.

On average I usually get around 1 blue gem per stack, sometimes none for 2-3 stacks and sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to get 2 blue gems in one 5 ore prospect. It really depends on luck, and the more you do it, the more you will see of either. So all we care about here are averages.

When I prospect I usually buy 10 stacks of Saronite Ore and then prospect all of it. 10 stacks would basically cost me around 170 gold and that’s what I expect to make back from raw blue gems. So I have in my mind what each blue gem is worth at the market price.

The Blue Gems and their respective prices on my server are:
Forest Emerald (4 gold)
Twilight Opal (10 gold)
Monarch Topaz (15 gold)
Autumn’s Glow (20 gold)
Scarlet Ruby (60 gold)
5 blue gem average: 21.8 gold

I consider all green gems (and mind you some of them sell well) as a bonus for my time. You’ll get at least one gem per 5 ore prospect, sometimes two. That means from 10 stacks you will at last 40 green gems. The great thing about these green gems is that if you have too many of one that really doesn’t sell and you want to vendor them, if you craft them into any crafted gem they sell for a little higher, 50 silver if it’s normal and 1 gold if it’s the perfect version. So if you sell 40 green gems for 50 silver that’s 20 gold.

I hope you’re following me here. So basically you need 150 gold from the blue gems. If you have 10 stacks and you get an average of 1 gem per stack and the average is 21.8 gold per blue gem, then that’s 218 gold + 20 gold and you have 238 gold. However, usually I make more than this especially if you craft the gems yourself. Scarlet Rubies sell so well it’s ridiculous. I think I’ve made my fortune with Jewelcrafting alone and this is one of the core ways that I was able to do this.

I hope this helps! Thanks for reading as usual and if you did like what you read, please subscribe. Take care.

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