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Making World of Warcraft Gold by Farming Rhino Meat and Chunk O’Mammoth

May 19th, 2009

Food buffs are mandatory if you are running heroics or raids. That’s why when you go to the auction house you see raw food materials like Rhino Meat and Chunk O’Mammoth go for at least a gold each.

The Daily Cooking Quest
Dalaran Cooking Award
Northern Spices
The daily cooking quest is something that everyone does because it’s easy and it gives them at least a couple Northern Spices that everyone needs to cook most Northrend recipes. You could do the daily cooking quests and sell the Northrend Spices if you don’t need them. You can probably sell them for at least 2 gold a piece which isn’t too bad.

You can always trade in the cooking award you get everyday for 10 Spices, so essentially with the daily cooking quest, you’re getting 10 spices (at least 20 gold) a couple more random spices and sometimes another cooking award (another 20 gold), Kirin Tor rep (albeit minimal) and gold. There’s plenty of reason for you to be doing the daily quest day in and day out!

Rhino Dogs
Rhino Meat
One of the daily cooking quests require you to cook Rhino Dogs with Rhino Meat. This is where you should sell Rhino meat on the auction house. You could either farm the meat when you have some time or buy Rhino Meat when you see it for a cheap price on the auction house. This will depend on your server, but that means you have to be aware of how much Rhino meat goes for when the cooking daily requires it.

The other day I was looking on the auction house and it was 10 gold for 4 pieces of Rhino meat, which is the amount you need for the cooking quest. There are two great places that I have found to farm them. One is in Borean Tundra near the horde base where there is the weak elite on the Rhino. There are tons of Rhinos here and if you can AoE they move around in clusters.

The other great place to farm them is Sholazar Basin near the Nesingwary camp. If you did the quests here you will know that they’re all near the camp.

Chunk O’Mammoth
Chunk o” Mammoth
Here’s another great gold getter if you want to do some farming. Again in Sholazar Basin there are a few mammoths and also in Borean Tundra. On my server, these go for at least 2 gold each. Not bad since some mammoth drop two of these at a time.

Sometimes it can get boring farming one thing too much so have some variety if you have a lot of spare time then mix it up from doing daily quests, running instances/raids and farming. And of course don’t forget to maximize the auction house to make gold, that’s where it’s at. Hope this helped, remember to subscribe to my blog!

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