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Thanks for visiting Are you looking to buy reliable guides to help make your time in the World of Warcraft efficient? I’ve bought several paid guides and have picked my favorite two and have written reviews on them as well.

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Never Buy World of Warcraft Gold!
Why would you? If you’re going to buy gold online that was most likely stolen from other players (I’ve seen this happen numerous times), then you should learn to make gold on your own without spending real hard earned money. If you’re going to be spending $5-7 dollars for every 100 gold, you could be spending $50-70 for every 1,000 gold you buy. A 1,000 gold won’t take you very far in today’s WoW economy so if you’re going to waste money like that, you should buy one of these two guides. And you should know that buying Gold with real money is against Blizzard’s rules and you could lose your account.

A Little History About Myself
I’ve been writing guides, articles, and blog entries for the World of Warcraft for years. As you can see by browsing this site you’ll find a large number of articles that will make you plenty of World of Warcraft gold to make your gaming experience enjoyable. I was one of the rare people to have over 100,000 gold before the Wrath of the Lich King was released.

I’ve been a guild leader, raid leader, a soilder, a grinder, and a farmer. I have every single expensive item you can get in the game with two bank toons that have all 6 slots. I know what it takes to have fun in this game from experience and if you’re reading this, you most likely want to make the most of your time in the World of Warcraft as well. You have to be efficient with your time by knowing exactly what to do, you can be efficient with your time and still make tons of gold in-game, without spending a penny of your real money everytime you need a significant amount of gold. And yes you will need gold especially if you raid, everytime you get an upgrade the best enchants can set you back hundreds of gold. In today’s WoW economy, if you want the best items crafted, it could easily costs you thousands of gold!

Here are two guides that you should buy to maximize your time in the World of Warcraft. I’ve written a review for each guide so take a look, it’ll be worth every penny, trust me.

The World of Warcraft Guides you should buy to maximize your time in the game
WoW Guide Name:
World of Warcraft Gold Secrets Guide
My Review:
There are a ton of gold guides out there. You’re most likely seeing a couple ads on my Google Adsense ads on the sidebar as you’re reading this. This guide is affordable and isn’t expensive in comparison to some of the other gold guides that could go for double the price. It also gets right to the point and gives you detailed ways to make gold right away without spending endless hours grinding.

Not all of us have a lot of time to play the game. Even if you do, you can be very efficient with your time running more heroics and raids and spend minimal time making gold. Time is money, and this small investment will make a huge difference in how successful you are in the World of Warcraft. Be sure to watch the video that shows up right away when you go to this page! You’ll also get updates for the new expansion Cataclysm!

Visit the World of Warcraft Gold Secrets Guide right now and start making some real gold!

WoW Guide Name: X-Elterated Guides
My Review:
Like I said, whether if you’re just starting out or if you’ve already leveled toons to level 80, it’s always great to have a leveling guide as it increases your efficiency in the game. X-Elerated World of Warcraft guide will be the one to own as it gives you detailed information about where, when, what, why, who and how to complete quests and will cut down your time spent on leveling big time. You will get addons as well as a step by step guide to leveling.

X-Elerated’s World of Warcraft guide also has a auction and gold making guide. While it’s not as elaborate as the World of Warcraft Gold Guide that I reviewed before this, it will help you make more gold than you are making now. I would recommend getting the Alliance and Horde package as you save a bunch of money and even if you’re only Alliance or only Horde now, you’ll definitely want to try the other side eventually. You’ll also get updates as new patches are released as well as new expansion releases!

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