Making Gold in the World of Warcraft by Prospecting Thorium Ore

I’ve previously written an article about selling old world materials for good gold. Many of the world materials sell well anything from Mithril and Thorium to gems and essences. In this article I’ll talk about how you can Prospect Thorium Ore as a Jewelcrafter to make to add to your arsenal of making tons of… Continue reading »


Making World of Warcraft Gold by Farming Rhino Meat and Chunk O’Mammoth

Food buffs are mandatory if you are running heroics or raids. That’s why when you go to the auction house you see raw food materials like Rhino Meat and Chunk O’Mammoth go for at least a gold each. The Daily Cooking Quest Dalaran Cooking Award Northern Spices The daily cooking quest is something that everyone… Continue reading »

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