Buying and Selling Frost Lotus and Titanium Ore

In this article, I’d like to go through something I pay attention to every time I’m at the auction house. That is, I check the price of Frost Lotus and Titanium Ore. Since patch 3.2 has been released, the price of Titanium ore has sky rocketed thanks to how it can now be prospected. Patch… Continue reading »


How to Make Gold in the World of Warcraft with Daily Quests in Northrend

So I’ve been fooling around with the Midsummer Festival and got my Flame Warden title yesterday. My friend and I two manned Ahune, the Ice Lord which by the way is a little annoying with all the adds. Trust me I’m not bragging, two level 80s should be able to take him out, although it… Continue reading »

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