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100s of Gold per Hour with Frostweave Cloth!

With the release of the World of Warcraft, the Wrath of the Lich King Frostweave has become the new Netherweave cloth. These clothes on my server still go for nearly 1 gold each and can be an easy way for you to rack up some easy gold while grinding away or even doing daily quests. The best way for you to sell them is obviously through the Auction House, but if you can find someone that will buy them from you if you COD it to them, you can save money on the Auction House cut, something to think about.

One way of identifying someone like this is when you put up auctions and you see one person buying all of your stacks, whisper them and ask them if they would like to strike a deal. Tell them you will send 3-5 stacks a day and you will charge x amount of gold. Just make sure you aren't overcharging and being undercut, therefore make sure you know what the going price is on the Auction House at all times. This way both parties can be happy with their sale and purchase.

Here are a couple really good farming spots for Frostweave that I have found.

Farming Spot 1: Icecrown - Northern part of the Inner Circle
Mob: Non-Aggro (Yellow) Fallen Hero Mobs

This is a great farming spot since for one they are high-level mobs that will drop a decent amount of Frostweave cloth. In addition, they are yellow so they won't aggro until you hit them which gives you the upper hand in your farming. That means you can control how many you want to take on, and if you are an AoE spec then you can take on a few at a time.

Farming location 2: Zul' Farak - Argent Stand

The area that has members of the Argent Crusade fighting off the undead is a great place to farm since you have NPCs aggroing the mobs. Just make sure you do the majority of the damage, otherwise your attacks will go to waste and be selective of what you kill. There are quite a few people that farm this area since it's related to quests but if you go further away from Argent Stand you might be able to find a spot that you can farm.

There are many other locations such as the Vrykuls in Icecrown that you could farm while doing daily quests, which could amount, to more gold!The great thing about humanoids is that they drop money as well which will add up pretty quickly. Mobs in Icecrown will often drop around 20 silver, that's a gold for every five mobs!

Plus, they sometimes drop vendor trash that will turn into several gold as well as the greens and blues. There's a rumour that the mobs in Icecrown also drop the Signet of the Edward Odd, that'll give you thousands of gold! Definitely worth farming for!


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