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How to Dominate The PVP Zones in World of Warcraft

How to Dominate The PVP Zones in World of Warcraft

Finding information for Player versus Player (PVP) for World of Warcraft can be a difficult thing to do for a number of reasons. The PVP in WoW is dynamic and it changes regularly. You can’t find any universal tips to make it easier. For PVP what might work for a player it might not work for someone else. Anyhow if you learn how to everything the right way and learn about each and every character class, you will be able to dominate the other players in PVP. The five ways that will enable you to do this are:


1) Learning every class

In World of Warcraft there are ten classes with each class having three talent trees which means that you might face 30 different possible opponents. Each of these opponents has unique strategies, combat methods and tactics they employ that depend on their own personal experience and preferences. If you spend the time to learn the most typical combat methods of each class and the way they respond to your own class, you will be able to minimize to minimum the amount of guessing you have to do when you are faced against them.

2) Playing all battlegrounds

If you play every Battleground equally you will be able to maximize your conquest point as well as take off in the battlegrounds. You can spend all the time that you want in the Battlegrounds that you enjoy, but remember to also spend some time (at least once a week) in the other battlegrounds.

3) Joining a Guild or a Group

If you want to improve in PVP then this is considered an easy way to achieve it by joining other players and working together. You can use the battleground finder or you can hop inside random arena teams, but this is not really going to show you how to work together with other players.

4) Be sure to keep up with the latest patches

When World of Warcraft is patched, there are a lot of changes in the game but usually the one thing that is affected the most is PVP. To stay on the top you will need to know what’s expected from the next patch and test those changes on the PTR server. You can work together with other players in order to devise strategies in order to be ready when the patch is applied to the game.

5) Learning the hotkeys

You can forget all about the mouse and learn to utilize the keys of your keyboard to make the most out of the game. This will enable you to input commands rapidly and will give you an advantage over the opponents you have to face.


What makes PVP in WoW so difficult is the fact that countless other players that you have to compete with are also doing their best to be able to master it. In PVP you are required to be proactive to your opponents’ moves    to be able to face them As opposed to raids and instances where you simply need to practice and master the tactics for them.

I hope the above tips have been helpful and hope that they will enable you to gain an advantage over many other players in PVP. You also need to remember to research the subject a bit more by watching videos that will help you understand your class and the other classes better.

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