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Is It Really Needed To Get a Guide For WoW Dailies?

Is It Really Needed To Get a Guide For WoW Dailies?

After spending so many years playing World of Warcraft, I have come to consider myself as quite an expert in almost everything that has to do with WoW.  For this reason, after I discovered the new dailies and events guide, I found myself to be quite surprised with it.  What I’m saying is, I can understand why some people might need a WoW Dailies guide to get some help, however the guide appeared to be quite popular.


That made me think about it. Initially my thought was that, since I have been involved with WoW from the time it was in beta version, I must know pretty much everything that I had to be aware of concerning the dailies and events – yet how about the new players, or those players who haven’t been as involved as I had been?  Soon after, I simply became too interested in it to be able to stand it any longer.


Therefore, soon after I chose to give Zygor’s Dailies & Events Guide a try (I didn’t have very high expectations for it), I was in for a quite a big treat. I found myself completing dailies much quicker than ever before – and I considered myself an expert!  As soon as I was able to swallow my pride, I was able to admit that the guide really impressed me.  Thinking about it, the things that I can do now in a few minutes, they used to take me much, much longer to do before.


At this point, I can now boast of having full heirloom item sets for all classes and I also managed to get my Crusader title considerably quicker than I had ever imagined possible.  In general, I know make use of Zygor’s guide on a daily basis, so if you want to do dailies and acquire heirloom items along with your Crusader title in a short amount of time, then Zygor’s guide might be the best investment you can make.

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