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World of Warcraft - Jewelcrafting Tokens and Dragon's Eyes

Everyone is always wondering what profession is the best moneymaker. Although it's true that some professions have an advantage over other professions in term of making gold, it really is up to the player. Some players can make more gold than anyone in a profession that many consider to be inferior in gold making standards. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of the two different categories of professions and some examples."


To start, everyone should start off playing the World of Warcraft with two gathering professions. Gathering professions will help you build you base gold nest by being able to sell items on auction houses and generating a decent gold stream. No matter what level you are you can always get more herbs just by tracking them down and by using addons you can make it easier for yourself to keep track of the nodes that you might come across.

The biggest problem with gathering professions is that it is time consuming. You have to consistently be gathering materials to sell on the auction house. I actually used to enjoy farming materials by going on my epic flying mount and the thrill of finding a rare herb or rare node is great, but yet it really does take a chunk out of my playing time.

Another problem is that you will find that you will have ample competition with popular farming areas of both herbs and nodes. The great thing about skinning is that you can kill whatever and skin the mob. In addition, a lot of players in the game don't have skinning and you can easily make a lot of gold just by skinning other peoples mobs.


Once you're at a certain level you should switch over to crafting professions. It really depends on what kind of person you are, if you really like gathering professions then stick to them but in my opinion and I've made tons of gold in the game, you have to go for the crafting professions. Find recipes that work for you and that you can make over and over with a decent profit margin.

Obviously, sometimes you won't be able to sell something, that's when you concentrate on your other recipes. I recommend having 10 recipes that you go to (among your 2 professions) that give you decent profits. If you consistently have that many items on the auction house, you will be able to make a fair amount of gold in small amounts of time. If your items are cheaper (less than 100 gold) then you can put a couple (not too many since you'll create too much of a supply).

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